Sarah is telling Joe about her weekend.

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    • Joe: Did you have nice weekend?

    • Sarah: I went to new shopping centre I told you about last week.

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    • Joe: Oh! What’s it like? I’ve heard it’s most modern shopping centre in the country!

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    • Sarah: If you like fashion, it’s great.

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    • Sarah: There are loads of clothes shops and jewellery shops, but I was looking for present for my little brother and I couldn’t find anything. It’s his birthday party today!

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    • Joe: Isn’t he interested in clothes?

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    • Sarah: He’s only four! He doesn’t care what he wears! He thinks aliens and spaceships are cool, though.

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    • Joe: I think you need to find toy shop.

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    • Sarah: party starts at 2pm.

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    • Sarah: Come on, you can help me find alien toy or something. Let’s go!

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