Sandra is talking to her friend, Ann, about moving house.

    Fill in the gaps using the first or second conditional.

    • Sandra: If you me, would you move house?

    • Ann: Yes, I think you happier if you lived somewhere nicer!

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    • Sandra: You’re right. If I get a promotion at the end of the year, I a house. At the moment, I can only afford to rent.

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    • Ann: If I a promotion, I’d probably just go on an expensive holiday. You’re much more sensible than me!

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    • Sandra: I think if you harder, your boss would promote you… but you always arrive late!

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    • Ann: We’re not here to talk about me! I think you should start looking for new place now. Your house is in such as bad condition. If you , I’ll help you pack!

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    • Sandra: You’re right! If I have time tonight, I looking for a house!

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    • Ann: Great! Do you want to visit an estate agent this weekend? If we on Saturday morning, we’ll have time to walk around the market after.

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    • Sandra: That’s a good plan. Listen… are you interested in moving house, too? I think it more affordable if we lived together!

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    • Ann: Why not! Let’s talk about it later. If I now, I’ll miss my train! See you on Saturday.

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