Rami is chatting with Amy on the phone. He is telling her about his life in a new city.

    Choose the correct answer.

    • I’m happy because I have friends that live near me.

    • At the moment, I’m unemployed, so I have very money.

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    • There are opportunities around here. I don’t think I’ll find a job soon.

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    • I still see my family all the time! We meet up times a month.

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    • My university course is going well. To be honest we have very work, so I have a lot of free time.

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    • I think it’s a good idea to do research before you arrive in a new city.

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    • The problem is, travel websites talk about what life is really like here. They’re full of tourist information instead.

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    • You need to speak with locals to find out where the best places are.

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    • You should come to visit soon! It doesn’t take long. Usually, there is traffic on the roads.

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    • I need to go now, I have things to do before I make dinner. Bye!

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