Gemma and Alice are planning a day trip to a neighbouring city. Here is their itinerary:

    8:00am – Bus to the city
    10:30 am – Walking tour
    1pm – Lunch at a café
    2pm – Art gallery
    3pm – Clothes shopping
    4pm – Coffee
    5pm – Visit a local park
    6pm – Bus home

    Based on their plans, select the correct answers from the list.

    • At 9am, Gemma and Alice on the bus.

    • At 1:30pm, they around the city for half an hour.

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    • At 2:30pm, they lunch at the café.

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    • At 2:45, they at art.

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    • At 3pm, Gemma and Alice .

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    • At 3:20pm, they for twenty minutes.

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    • At 4:15pm, they coffee in a café.

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    • At 5:20pm, they their coffee.

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    • At 5:30pm, Alice and Gemma around the park.

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    • At 6:30pm, they for half an hour.

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