Siobhán has had a strange morning.

    Fill in the gaps in her story with the correct past tense.

    • I at 6am this morning because there was an odd noise.

    • For some reason, my neighbour, Bill, the lawn!

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    • I outside to ask him to stop,

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    • but when I started talking to him, it was like he hear me.

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    • I realised he !

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    • After a while, his wife outside to see what was happening.

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    • She explained that this wasn’t the first time. He last week and made a pizza from scratch!

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    • I to let his wife solve the problem and went back to bed.

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    • I woke up three hours later and realised that I my train to work!

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    • My boss was very angry when I arrived at the office late. She for me for twenty minutes.

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