Ricardo is at Adam’s house. They are planning a trip to the cinema.

    Read the conversation and choose the correct word to fill in the gap.

    • Adam: Okay, the film starts at 7pm. What time shall we leave house?

    • Ricardo: Let’s leave at 6pm. Shall we take car?

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    • Adam: I have a flat tire. Can we take instead?

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    • Ricardo: Sure! I’ve invited Rebecca. She hasn’t replied yet. She always takes time.

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    • Adam: Not Rebecca! She always says she doesn’t want popcorn, then she eats all of !

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    • Ricardo: Why don’t we take own snacks this time? The ones at the cinema are always so expensive.

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    • Adam: Good idea. Let’s walk to the supermarket now. It’s raining but someone left umbrella here the other day, so I have a spare one for you.

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    • Ricardo: Hold on! You’re putting on the wrong shoes. Those are , aren’t they?

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    • Adam: Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t know where I left

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    • Ricardo: Ricardo: Rebecca has just replied. She says she’ll meet us at the cinema with brother. Now, go and find some shoes so we can get snacks!

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