Sometimes, verbs can take more than one preposition. Tick the correct preposition (in some sentences, more than one preposition can be used).

    • It’s 5pm and Tim is tired of hearing his boss talk key performance indicators and targets. He just wants to go home!

    • Helen waited her cousin at the school gates.

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    • Jamal learned the deal from his boss.

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    • Did you ask pineapple on your pizza? That’s gross!

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    • Chris apologised arriving so late.

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    • John always complains being too cold, but he never puts on thick jumpers (sweaters)!

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    • Zac is trying to promote his fundraiser, but, so far, only two people have asked tickets.

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    • Joe went to a yoga class today. They told him to think something that makes him happy. All he could picture was pizza!

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    • Adam cares his cat very well!

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    • Idris didn’t approve his brother’s plan to move house during the financial crisis.

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