Anna and Layla are talking on the phone. They want to find a time to meet.

    Choose the correct form of the verb (present simple or present continuous).

    • Anna: to Tim’s party tomorrow? I’ll see you there!

    • Layla: No, I every Friday so I won’t be able to go.

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    • Anna: We could meet at the weekend. on Saturdays?

    • Try again 🙂

    • Layla: No, but I tennis all day this Saturday. Are you free on Sunday?

    • Try again 🙂

    • Anna: I to London on the train in the afternoon.

    • Try again 🙂

    • Layla: What time We could have coffee before you go. How about 10am?

    • Try again 🙂

    • Layla: Yes, let’s meet at the new café by my house! Is it ok if I bring my niece? She with me this weekend.

    • Try again 🙂

    • Anna: No problem! I have to go now, my work break in 5 minutes.

    • Try again 🙂

    • Layla: No problem. I my niece soon. Bye!

    • Try again 🙂

    • Anna: So, we on Sunday at 10am near your house. That’s great! Bye!

    • Try again 🙂

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